The Legacy

The Legacy
by: Atty. Donato D. Balderas, Jr.

You were a cocoon that metamorphosed
Into a beautiful creature
Proud of its colors
Made even brighter
By the cascading rays of the sun
And petals of flowers
In different hues

Once you were crawling
To explore a limited world
‘Til time took the better part of you
To be freely enclosed
And to actively hibernate in flames
That free your heart and mind
As you begin to learn the secrets of life

Now, you have wings
And the will for a hundred and one flights
Ready to escalate greater heights
Then, probably taste too
The bitterness of life
As you strengthen the character
That defines the being that you are

The world ahead is infinite
You must focus your sight
And train your vision towards your dream
Where your heart and mind meet
Remember to be everywhere is to be nowhere
Be humble for every triumph you make
As you treat every failure a victory unfolding

Be a friend to everyone
Even those who despise you
For hatred is a commodity you must not share
Wealth is not measured by the number of gems in your neck
Nor the strings of titles in your name
But by the number of people
Whose definition of friendship is you

At eventide when the day is done
And about to dawn a fresh morn
It can be said by all
That they have witnessed a world
Far better than before you came
Simply because in them
You made a big difference