A Salute To Our Teachers

It has been said many times before… and we are saying it again for the honor and for posterity of our teachers:

A teacher’s work is never done.

Whether as a profession or as a vocation, teaching could be the only calling in the Community of Nations which requires heart and passion from its Giver. Without empathy from the Teachers, teaching could be an empty exercise depriving the Learners of the beautiful discoveries along the Journey of Knowledge. Without concern and affection from the Teachers, teaching could be the antecedent of obliviousness rather than a Foundation of Learnedness, Hope and Vision.

A teacher’s work is never done. It goes on and on and on.

The dynamics of teaching requires that the Teacher must likewise be an avid Learner in order to be able to grasp situations and therefore craft better and more effective methodologies of teaching so that the transfer of knowledge from the Teacher to the Learners may be wholesomely and seamlessly achieved.

A teacher’s work is never done, and we thank God for that.

The cycle of teaching is a universal blessing to mankind. It ensures continuity of civility amongst people, even as it helps define the character and cornerstone of a nation. We have so much to be grateful to our teachers. Through their understanding and patience, and with the unbelievable amount of sacrifice that they can endure, our teachers are able to give encouragement to those who seek the light of hope and help open the gates of opportunities for self-growth and community advancement.


For all these plus more, and on the occasion of Teachers Month, we say Maraming Salamat … please accept our profound gratitude as we render you our SALUTE.