Auld Lang Syne (Days Gone By) | Sir Don

Auld Lang Syne

(Days Gone By)

Sir Don


Recollect! lest you forget

the memoirs you wrote

of friends, allies, and heroes

and of foes, rivals, and villains.


Reflect! lest you abandon

the lessons that these folks taught

and how every learning made a difference

to the character you have become.


Reckon! lest you lost faith

at the hands that molded you

and the love that guided those palms

in polishing your rawness and potency.


Revere! lest you lost humility

at the defeats and victories

that inflicted you with pain and bliss

and kept your feet grounded.


Rejoice! lest you lost the meaning

of the people and their legacies

and the experiences and wisdom they shared

in all of the days gone by.